You’re probably here because of one of two reason.

You either are motivated and have big dreams!
You want freedom, time & money freedom.
You know your current path is not gonna get you that.


You’re fed up with your current job in the corporate rat race.
You are looking for alternatives

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is maybe the “Perfect Vehicle”

People with no experience make money quickly with this system.

5hrs per week get’s you where you want to be within 5years!
What would happen if you put in 5hrs per workday (5days/week)?
You can get there within a year.

This is not a make money quick scheme.
You can make money quick, yes that’s true.

But you will have to put in focused work.

What Will We Talk About:

First things first: John Crestani is legit!
He’s flashy yes, he shoots money with his supreme money gun yes, he has a beard yes
He likes freedom, he likes to do what he wants to do, don’t you?

This is John shooting Money/Benjamins out of his Supreme Money Gun.

But he or what he’s selling is NOT a scam.

He’s a no BS kind of guy, to the point, I like that.

Some people will give him or his training a negative review, calling it a scam and what more.
But it’s an angle, they only do that to get you on their site to sell you some other “better” product…

Just so you know: I’m putting this “scam” angle in the review because I too want people who are searching for those key phrases to visit this page.

But the “Super Affiliate System” is what it says it is.
A Step-By-Step system with proven converting strategies to make money online from your laptop, being your own boss, making your own schedule.

It’s not a “silver. bullet” that will solve all your problems (nothing is).
You will have to put in the time and work to get results.
That’s the case with everything.

And John is John.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Create the opportunity yourself.

Take Action, Get feedback, Repeat

What is The Super Affiliate System?

It’s a combination of 4 big things:

1) 6-Week Affiliate Marketing Training Course
2) Done For You, Ready To Launch Ads and Site Templates
3) Weekly Coaching
4) Access to private Community

John will teach you how to create compelling ADs that are proven to be effective.
Using “Pre-Sell” pages warming up the coldish traffic.
Sending the hot traffic to the “right” affiliate offer.

It’s not magic.
You can start doing this all by yourself.

But I like to follow a proven system. I like to model what works. I want to have a place where I can ask my questions knowing I get an answer from someone who has been in my shoes but now has nicer shoes !

Who is John Crestani?

John has been featured on the Forbes website and the title of the article was:

“How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World

He’s a college dropout. He tried out all kinds of ways to make money online.

He had success selling on eBay until he got a call from PayPal telling him they “didn’t approve” the products he was selling. They shut down his account and that business went under.

In his next venture he created a “solutions guide” ebook for online college students.

Later. He got hired by a Marketing Agency in LA. He thought himself how to do paid advertising. After he 40X a clients business John asked for a raise. Instead of giving it – as a sign of appreciation and acknowledgment of his fantastic work – his boss just told him to get back to work. That didn’t pan out and he got fired.

Being a pro at online advertising John started promoting other peoples products.
He still does the same thing.

Want to learn how?

“28-year-old John Crestani is a marketing mogul whose online system of services now generates upwards of $500,000 per month.

“Crestani used his own hustle and Ferriss’ tips to build an affiliate marketing system that currently generates $250,000 to $500,000 per month, enables him to travel the world, and scales on-demand.”

“Just because there has been a small setback, it doesn’t mean you should give up, it means you are that much closer to your desired success.”

How Does John’s Affiliate System work?

Do I need a blog or a platform? NO
Do I need a following already? NO
Do I need to be an “influencer”? NO
Do I have to be a sales person? NO
Do I have to speak with customers? NO
Do I have to be an entrepreneur? NOOOOO

You have to “MODEL” what works.
Uhm okay… but what works?

1) Get buyer traffic
2) send that traffic to your page where you “pre-sell” that audience
3) When you warmed up the audience you send it to the affiliate offer.

That’s it.

John teaches you how to advertise on different kinds of Ad networks – Facebook, Google, Youtube.

You make money selling affiliate offers (other peoples products) and getting a commission.

Is Super Affiliate System for Beginners

The Training is Beginners Friendly. It’s a blueprint how to get started from scratch selling affiliate products.

If you already are doing affiliate marketing it’s still a good value.
That’s my Opinion. I don’t know your skill level or your experience level.


What’s included with The Super Affiliate System

6-Week paid Advertising Marketing Training
Done-For-You Affiliate Ads & Websites (ready to launch)
Live Campaign Analysis Sessions Every Week ( 52 Coaching Sessions!)
Access To the Private Community

Video Ads ready to use + Full Time support if your get stuck

What’s in The Training Course?

The Affiliate & Ads training get’s released week-by-week.
That way you follow the system in that way it’s meant to be used.

Follow the training and TAKE ACTION.
Don’t overoptimism everything from the beginning!

Week 1 : Complete Affiliate Marketing System Setup Course

  • How To Join An Affiliate Network
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Facebook Ad Setup
  • Common Setup Mistakes
  • ​Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In The First week you get to join the Affiliate Networks and you learn how to set-up you site and your Facebook Ad Account. All Making sure that you don’t fall in to the common mistakes most people make. You don’t need technical skills to get your site up and running!

Week 2: How To Earn Affiliate Commissions by Placing Ads on Google Course

  • Google Search Ads Setup
  • Google Display Ads Setup
  • Google Ads Conversion Pixel Setup
  • ​Common Google Ads Mistakes
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In the second week you learn how to use Google’s Adwords Advertising platform. The differences between the Search Ads Network and the Display Ads Network. You see how to set-up your Conversion pixel. And you get to learn from other peoples mistakes when setting up Google Ad Campaigns.

Week 3: Make Serious Money using Youtube Ads Course

  • How To Place Your First Ad On Youtube
  • How To Setup Your Channel Page for Maximum ROI
  • The Best Way to Find Your Video to Advertise
  • How and Why We Exclude Mobile Devices
  • 8 Youtube Advertising Mistakes to AVOID
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In The Third week you’ll be covering YouTube Ads. Here you learn how to advertise on YouTube the right way without making rookie mistakes. Where to advertise ? Mobile or Desktop or both or … This all gets clear in this third week.

Week 4: Turn Social Media Into an Affiliate Profit Powerhouse Course

  • Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics
  • How to Keep Your Ads Compliant
  • Easy Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In the forth week you get to tweak your Facebook Ads making sure you don’t run into problems with Facebook. You also get to use the Facebook Pixel, for tracking and retargeting.

Week 5: Creating a 24/7/365 Commission MACHINE Course

  • How To Setup an Affiliate Website
  • How to Split-Test Your Way To Higher Profits
  • 3 Website Setup Mistakes to AVOID
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In the Fifth week you create your affiliate site and see how you can easily do A/B Split testing. All this while making sure you don’t make any mistakes building out the website.

Week 6: Scaling Your Internet Business to Millions of Dollars Per Year Course

  • What Payout Bumps Are & How To Get Them
  • How To Scale Your Profitable Ads:
  • Affiliate Offer Selection Masterclass
  • ​Automate Everything
  • Wrapup & Bonus Gift

In week Six it’s all about Scaling your business. You have ads and offers that are converting and making you money, the question now is How Can I Make MORE money?!
You also learn how to select the best affiliate offers and how to automate you Online Business.

Extra Resources

  • Buyers Data for Targeting
  • Ad Swipe File
  • Presell Pages
  • Affiliate Network Entry

You’ll get buyer lists which you can use in the different ad platforms – Facebook, Google and Youtube . That way you get to target the right kind of audiences and be profitable without testing and spending a lot of money upfront.

You also get ADs that have proven they are converting. Just Copy and tweak them and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to code out your “pre-sell” pages! Just use our templates plug-in your links and start advertising.

You get approved into top-affiliate programs with high paying offers.

Weekly Training & Access to Private Community

Yes weekly, that means 52 extra Training Sessions where campaigns get analysed and improved.

You also get FULL access to the Jetset LIVE archive of live web classes.


Is the Super Affiliate System Up To Date ?

Yes, now it’s actually Super Affiliate System 3.0.
So it’s the Third FULL overhaul!
Everything is updated and the course has been streamlined so you build upon the week before.

What’s the Price of the Super Affiliate System?

The course price is $4,984.
But at the moment there is a 80% OFF Promotion.

Now you pay $997 for the whole 6 weeks Training course and all the extra resources and community.

Are There Extra Costs?

You can get started with $250 for advertising on Facebook
You need to have a website and that website needs:
A domain: ~$10/year
A hosting plan: ~$3/month

Ad costs are extra, but that’s normal.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, when you go through the whole training and don’t make your initial investment back you can get your whole purchase price refunded. John makes sure you’e getting your money back one way or the other.

Is there a Monthly Fee?

No, the purchase of The Super Affiliate System 3.0 gives you access to the training, weekly sessions , private community and resources.

I live Outside the US is this For Me?

Yes, it doesn’t matter where you’re located. This is a system to run a completely Online Business. You can sell worldwide.

What If English is my second language, won’t I not be able to write good ads?

It’s an international program , in 20 languages!
The program has subtitles in 20 different languages.
Also the ads are multilingual.

Can I Do This At My Own Pace Or Are The Videos released Over Time?

The content get’s released week by week.

Every week is a module. You can rewatch all training as much as you want and you should rewatch!

Can I do this with my Computer Skill Level?

The Training is step-by-step and it builds upon the step before.

You’re here on this site, that means you are properly skilled to take on this comprehensive online training.

Is This For Me? I’m not in my twenties anymore

Age is a number. If you’re willing to put in the work you are golden. 

What Are Students saying about the System?

My Final thoughts on the Super Affiliate System.

It’s a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing System.
It includes everything you need to get started or level up your online business.

I would suggest watching the FREE training:

“How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online”

Greets Rick